Covid-19 has made us all change the way we go about our daily routines, from how we teach our children, to how we do our food shopping to how we socialise and of course how we will have workers in our homes.

Government guidelines all stress the key measures to help stop the transmission of Covid-19, these are:

  • Keep 2m apart where possible.
  • Regularly wash and sanitise hands.
  • Clean surfaces after use.
  • Co workers remain in small teams.
  • Wear the correct PPE when needed.

We have carried out a risk assessment for our showroom and for working in customers homes. Below are measures we have put in place.

The showroom

  • We are fortunate to have a nice large showroom and due to the nature of our business we have a small foot fall. However, we have installed a “one at a time system for kitchen customers” in the showroom with a waiting area for up to two more sets of clients to wait safely more than two meters apart. There is clear signage for this.
  • At the reception area you will be asked a few questions to confirm you are free of Covid-19 symptoms, we will offer you a new mask and request that you sanitise your hands before you are welcomed into the main showroom.
  • We will accompany you whilst you browse the showroom as normal maintaining a minimum of 2mtrs distance, being there to answer any of your question and to post-it note all areas touched. We will then clean all areas that have been touched ready for the next customer.
  • Paint customers can go through the reception as above moving directly through to the paint area. We can then help you to select your paint, maintaining a minimum distance of 2 mtrs.
  • Should a survey be required, we will discuss the procedure with each client as this my differ from household to household. 
  • Once we have carried out a kitchen survey we can present this to you either by video call such as Face Time, Whats app or Zoom, or you can come into the showroom where you will be shown a presentation of your design on a computer. We will be seated at a desk separated by a screen similar to those we see at the supermarket checkouts.

Working in the homes of our customers

Working in customer’s homes requires some degree of common sense from both customer and fitter. Every kitchen is different so each job we do we will carry out a job specific Risk Assessment and Method Statement. But in general we will be adopting the follow precautions.

  • All staff will have a regular temperature check
  • All staff will regularly be asked if they have any Covid-19 symptoms
  • Vehicle cab will be cleaned down daily
  • Hand sanitising before entering site, before and after meals.
  • Establish no go areas with client and fitter.
  • Reduce team size.
  • Only have one tradesman on site at a time.
  • When two tradesman are on site together maintain distance.
  • Use PPE when necessary.
  • Monitor guidelines, adapt and improve.

Working together we can develop safe procedures that will enable us to continue with our lives and enjoy the freedom that we are a custom to. Let’s not give into this virus, let’s innovate, let’s beat it!

Allow us to do what we do best, “Transform the heart of your home”.

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